In this episode entitled, "We are Soldiers in the Army", we honor Fred Jackson, a leader of the Cambridge, Maryland Civil Rights Movement. 

Frederick Douglass Jackson Jr. was born in Cambridge Maryland on December 18, 1930.  He was the youngest of three sons born to Frederick D. Jackson Sr. and Mable Arizona Victoria Burroughs Jackson.  

in 1961, the Freedom Riders came to Cambridge and Fred said to Betty, "there's going to be trouble now".  Because of his known commitment to getting a better education for his children, Fred under the leadership of his friend Gloria Richardson Dandridge, became very involved in the Civil Rights Movement of Cambridge.  

Fred attended protest organization meetings, protest marches, and stood with Ms. Richardson-Dandridge, often referred to as the Lieutenant of the Cambridge Movement. 

We honor and celebrate the courageous leadership and commitment of Fred Jackson during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's.  During the time of racial segregation, Fred became one of the strongest advocates for economic rights, as well as desegregation. 


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