This podcast was created by Dion D. Banks and Kisha Petticolas, Cofounders of the Eastern Shore Network for Change.  This collection of interviews were recorded and produced by ESNC board member, Verlisha Taylor, as a part of an event called “Reflections on Pine”, a series of events held in July 2017 to commemorate the civil unrest in Cambridge Maryland during the “Long Hot Summer of 1967”. These interviews focus on our hometown of Cambridge during a time that for many people, had simply been ignored. 

We came to realize that much of our town’s racial strife was a stagnant wound that had never properly healed.  The 1960’s were a tumultuous time for the United States.  On Maryland’s Eastern Shore, the small town of Cambridge for a short time became the epicenter of the nation’s Civil Rights movement. 

Under the leadership of Gloria Richardson Dandridge, the Cambridge Nonviolent Action Committee was born.  This organization was unlike any other during its time.  While the national narrative for Civil Rights focused on desegregation and public accommodations, the movement in Cambridge focused on education, employment, health care, and housing.  Because of this, the small town of Cambridge never achieved the same attention as other cities and towns during the movement.

Our goal is to document and share the untold story of the fight for equality in Cambridge Maryland.  Through our collective body of work including a walking tour that highlights the African American Experience and Civil Rights history in Cambridge, Maryland, a two-hour interview with Gloria Richardson Dandridge, documented interviews with authors and Pulitzer prize-winning scholars and a mural on the main highway that runs through our city. 

We will continue to challenge the perceptions of our community by reclaiming our narrative and sharing our truth.  Our story of hope, faith, and change; a story of world-class leadership and a resilient community who decided not to accept the status quo as an option. 

We encourage you to listen and connect with our interviewees as they share first-hand experiences of life during the time of civil unrest. 

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